What time is it?

The clocks changed over this morning – a collective cheer went up within our compound as we skipped an hour of work.  It was nice but have to say, the night still went by so very darn slow.  Course, I didn’t feel good so that didn’t help – had stomach issues. 

Didn’t have my green juice for two days so it is no wonder I wasn’t feeling better.  Today’s juice was spinach, collards, cucumber, carrots, kale, and an apple.  It was good.  I ate about an hour later which I should have waited longer but I was hungry.  Really need to sleep some more.  Got 4 hours so far but need more than that.

My allergies are bothering me – I have so much going on in my brain right now too.  Feel like it is overstuffed…LOL.  Been alternating between reading the “Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook”, “Crazy, Sexy Diet” and “Mindfulness in Plain English”.  It makes my brain hurt.

Suppose I should change the belt on my vacuum and vacuum later.  It needs it but I’m so tired of dealing with that stupid thing.  The dogs would like to go for another walk but it is freezing outside – literally – and I don’t feel like messing with it right now.  I’ve got the heat turned up because I was so cold.


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