I read this book the other day and have to say, it reminds me why Dean Koontz was my favorite author for so long.

The book is about an officer who is investigating some particularly brutal crimes where people are bitten to death by an unknown animal while, often, barricaded and locked in virtual fortress.  It is a mystery to be sure.

Also is the mystery of what is terrifying the policeman’s children at night and at school.  Little things scuffle and squeal in the dark – little things with very sharp teeth.

Rich in the idea of voodoo and hell, the book moves at a fast pace as the main characters attempt to get away from these little demons that seems to find them no matter where they go. 

Of course, the people are killed all have a connection to the drug trade and whispers start to float about a man who practices voodoo deciding to come in to take over the drug trade.  He is determined to ruin the family in charge though I can’t off the top of my head remember why.  I believe they killed his family or something.

Not a bad read at all – Koontz at his best.


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