Threw together some chili to take to work tonight for supper – tired of salads.  It has been cooking for nearly an hour yet the onions still aren’t tender…just don’t get it.

Have been working on the SOP at work that I’m trying to do for dispatch – it seems so slow going.  I’m suppose to be working on it with the JECC but can’t seem to get together with them to discuss anything – don’t know if they don’t want my input or what – so I am going about it on my own.  I will start on the call types as soon as I get the other administrative policies done.   I worked on it for five hours last night before finally giving it up to read for awhile.  My mind gets mushy after that many hours.

I am so ready for my days off – working 10 days in a row is too much for me these days.  I do it again before the month is over unless some of the OT gets cancelled due to staffing changes.  It wouldn’t break my heart, that is for sure.

My car needs some massive costing repairs – I am not looking forward to spending the money on it but know it will have to be done.  Am hoping it can wait until the Fall so I have time to save money plus get a few other things done yet this summer like moving. 

Well, I’m rambling I guess so might as well stop for now.  It is almost 9 pm – I will have to start getting ready for work in one hour so guess I’ll try to get a bit of a nap in – see if this allergy medicine will kick in to relieve my sinus headache.


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