2:00 PM

It is 2:00 PM – how exciting.  I just ate one of the worst Orange Chicken dishes from Eggroll House that I have ever had – quite a disappointment considering their sweet and sour chicken is so darn good.  I have saved half of it to take for supper tonight even though it was hardly worth it.  The dogs loved the leftovers from lunch.  The orange sauce is way too sweet so I poured most of it off before putting the rest in the refrigerator.

The Chinese place in the mall makes excellent orange chicken – I should have gone there but convinced myself that Eggroll House would be just as good.  Sigh – more money and less delicious.

I have been debating taking the dogs for a short walk – my legs still hurt too much from the past two days to go for another long one.  I say that now but once I get outside, I don’t want to come back in.  LOL.

However, a short walk would also give me time to do a few more things to the apartment as far as cleaning goes – like sweep down the zillion cobwebs again, scrub out the bathtub, clean out the refrigerator, and tidbits like that.  I want to be back in bed no later than 6 pm to try and get a few hours before I go to work tonight.

I’m charging my nook for work tonight though I do plan on taking in my laptop as well.  I am working on the SOP for work on my laptop so need to take it in.  I try to work five or so hours on the SOP then do other things as needed, then read if I have time left over.  I can only concentrate for so long on writing SOP’s – I know it isn’t going as fast as my supervisor would like but I am trying. 

I think once I get to the call-types it will go a lot faster though I might be wrong.


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