At lunch yesterday with my son and Lily, we discussed our future plans a bit.  Ultimately, the goal is to move to Hawaii though we haven’t decided on an island yet.  I am almost certain it would be the Big Island but will have to see.

So we came up with a tentative plan of action.  It is in the beginning stages but a start anyway.  We have decided to live in Iowa for another 3-5 years – my son wants to get a successful business or two going so he wouldn’t have to work in Hawaii.  I hope to get a book or two published too.  Of course, it would be awesome to win the lotto so we could forego the more laborious steps but since neither of us play, I can’t see that happening.

They do intend to buy a house here – at least they hope to – but said they would rent it out or sell it before moving.  I have been reading up about living in Hawaii and while it is quite expensive, I think it would be doable with some planning.

Have to say, it sounds like paradise.  At least it gives me something to look forward to…


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