Pet Peevish

I have to say, it kind of makes me a little nuts that in the movie “Raptor Island”, all the soldiers are standing together wearing stupid microphones near their faces.  Who the hell are they going to talk to when the whole group is standing right there?   Plus the chick shouldn’t have one as they rescued her from bad guys so why is she wearing it? I know it is suppose to make them look more “military” but it is stupid. 

There are raptors after them – hence the name “Raptor Island” so you would think they’d want both ears available to hear their surroundings.  It is just dumb…very, very dumb.  I know, the movie itself is dumb however, I don’t see why we have to make it ridiculously so.  The only cute guy already got killed so don’t really care who else makes it or not.  LOL

Speaking of cute – a very handsome man held the door for me at Eggroll House as I was going out and he was going in.  I said “thank you” and he said “you are welcome” which let me hear his deep voice.  I would say he was in his 30’s so way too young for me but wow, quite handsome.  🙂  I may be 48, but I’m not too dead to appreciate a hunk when I see one.  Ha ha.

P.S. – they both just fell into gross, goey goe – they are covered in a muddy oil substance, but damn if they don’t still have their microphones on AND they look like they are as clean as can be despite all the mud the two have all over them.  Seriously dude…give me a break.  All the time they waste stopping to talk about their feelings regarding the monsters and their lives – they could have been to the rescue boat ten times over.


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