A bit weird and strange

My coworkers last night were telling me I am a bit weird and strange.  Personally, I think they misunderstand my enthusiasm but I am not responsible for the way they perceive me.

Our topic of conversation was disasters.  I freely tell people that natural disasters intrigue and excite me.  I love seeing the forces of nature.  This does not mean I love the havoc they spread or minimize the damage they do – I do not love that but the massive force of Mother Nature can astound me.

Take the ocean on a beautiful day – it is serene and lovely.  If you are in tune with nature at all, you will feel its motion deep down in your soul.  You stand on the bow of the sailboat and think “this is paradise”.  A gentle breeze billows in the sails, the boat slices through the water, off to the side a dolphin breaches, the sun warms you and you think “life doesn’t get much better than this!”

Take that same ocean when a sudden storm comes up or an earthquake kicks off a tsunami. It is no longer beautiful, gentle, or anywhere you would want to be.  You would, if out on a sailboat, find it treacherous, unyielding, angry, and foreboding. 

Snow on a mountain is majestic – put that snow in an avalanche or have it snow six feet in four hours and it becomes a death trap to many. 

We use the breeze to cool ourselves, to power our windmills, to dry clothes we hang out on the line, to keep our windsurfers sluicing through the lakes and oceans around us.  That same wind, given enough force, becomes a straight line wind that can flip trailers, flatten buildings, rip off roofs and spiral off into destructive tornadoes.

I love walking in rainstorms – don’t mind getting soaked to the skin.  But make those torrential rains that feel like each drop is tearing my skin off the bone and I think I’ll stay indoors today thank you very much.

Do you know the amount of energy needed to spin a breeze into a tornado? Neither do I but it fascinates me that Mother Nature can do so at the drop of a hat.   I think the human race in general takes Mother Nature for granted – like we somehow can predict what she will do so therefore don’t need to be as worried.  We have all our early warning systems in place so life is good. 

Natural disasters are horrific – I admit it and while I say I love them, I am also quick to mourn the people lost and would go help with the search/rescue in a heartbeat if I could.   In some ways though, it is as if Mother Nature is reminding us that we don’t know everything, we aren’t always all that safe, and to never take Her for granted.  I respect that.

People are so quick to judge without getting to the “why” of something.  We put labels on others and then wonder what kind of labels they are putting on us.  Let me be “a bit weird and strange”…it is better than passively living my life being and doing nothing. 

Nature and animals intrigue me – the delicate balance that Mother Nature keeps on this planet is phenomenal.  Humans, in their ignorance, make it harder for her but somehow she manages.  An example? Humans releasing the pythons in the Everglades is a good one.  Mother Nature knew these creatures didn’t belong in the glades – they would never have found their way there naturally.  Now, thanks to humans, the glades are in mortal danger. 

Where was I going with all this? Who knows.  I am rambling and doing three things at once so keep getting interrupted.  Guess I’ll get my mind off it and take the dogs for a nice walk – it says it is 69 outside…there are few birds chirping and haven’t seen a squirrel in at least 30 minutes which makes me wonder if more thunderstorms are on the way.  Spring is springing! Finally!!!!


One thought on “A bit weird and strange

  1. I am the same way.. .Tornadoes? Bring it on… Huge windy Thunderstorms…let me see it. I love natural disasters…I don’t love that they hurt people. Lots of people incorrectly assume that just because we love natural disasters it means we love watching people get hurt. we wouldn’t be in the job we are if that was the case. I dont know why but your blogs have been very comment worthy lately. lol

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