Just got back from walking the dogs the 1.5 mile trail we start out on each spring.  Eventually we will move on to 2 miles and possibly as much as 4 miles by the end of the summer.  We tried 6 miles once but the dogs became very tired and wanted to be carried the last two so won’t be doing that again.

Even though it was warm enough to not need a coat but cool enough to not sweat, I did realize one thing halfway through – I need to start carrying water again.  Walked faster without even trying this time and was thirsty as hell by the time I finally made it home. 

Have to say, the highlight was the red cardinal that sat in a branch just above my head.  His bright red feathers were so beautiful in an otherwise brown world.  Normally I would have fumbled for my phone or camera to snap a picture but decided to let myself enjoy its presence without wasting the moment.  They never stay still long enough for me to get my camera out – by the time I do get it out, the bird is long gone and I regret that I didn’t get to enjoy its beauty.

The dogs are tuckered – came home and sacked out immediately.  It is almost 7 pm so I need to decide if I’m going to take a nap or brave the night ahead without one.  Not that I expect we will be busy but I do figure the night will drag along which makes me tired.

I think I’ll go for the nap since the dogs are cooperating.  🙂


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