Healthy for Life

My Aunt swears by the Omega 3 and mineral supplements from the company Healthy for Life which, years ago, was called Radiant Health. 

Years ago I also took these supplements and had to admit they worked wonders in my system – no more dry skin, no more knee pain, no more split ends.  I quit taking them because it is too expensive – more than my gym membership.

Now I’ve ordered a month’s supply and will see if I get the same results or if they changed the formula when they changed the name.  I have been making such drastic changes in my life lately – have given up so much – that I am hoping this stuff will make the changes more evident faster.  Plus, I have known for years that I needed a mineral supplement again but couldn’t find one at GNC that even came close to the same results.

The system starts out with three supplements – the two above plus a cleanser pill.  I figured I would use the cleanser the first month and then drop to only the minerals and Omega 3 after that – saving myself about $20.  It will still be more expensive than my gym membership.  Eventually maybe I will drop down to only the minerals but we shall see – none of it may work at all.

But, as I said, my Aunt who has been on it for years radiates health and swears it is a result of these pills.  With her as an example, I’m willing to give it a shot.  🙂


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