Gave Baxter and Bennie a bath today – first one this year.  They both loved the new shampoo, loved the rub down, loved the warm rinse off that they got.  It is always the towelling off time that is challenging with them – they want to shake water all over the bathroom & me.

Took them out for a walk right after the bath because the warm water makes them need to go potty.  I have to say, now that they have dried they both look so clean and soft.

Anyway, on the way back in Baxter slipped his collar and took off running.  It has always been something of a game with him – he runs and expects that I will chase him.  Today I was too tired.  I brought Bennie home, got a treat and went out in search of Baxter.

I rounded the corner of the far apartment building to see a man with a dog trying to get Baxter close enough to grab him – Baxter does not like strangers and managed to dance away at the last minute.  I held up the treat, a hot dog, and called Baxter’s name.  He came tearing across the field – it is amazing how fast he can run – and practically jumped into my arms.  In doing so, he knocked the hotdog out of my hand and Bennie wolfed it down before I could bend over to pick it up.

I brought Baxter home and gave him another hotdog – he is sitting on the couch now staring longingly out the window.  When I had him neutered a couple years ago, the vet told me that this would make him quit running away when I called him.  He said Baxter would settle down, become more docile.  Plus, the vet said, Baxter is over five now so that would also help. Yeah, like that has happened in any area of Baxter’s life.  He is as stubborn and active as he has always been.

I can’t blame him – he loves being active and being outdoors.  My schedule allows for walks but he wants a large area to run…like the dog park.  I need to buy our dog park passes for this year I guess.  Am so hoping I can find a place to rent that has a big fenced in yard for him this year…he’d be in 7th heaven if he could have that.

4 thoughts on “Baxter

  1. OMG that is the cutest picture!!! He looks so happy and free! I wish I could be a dog some days!

  2. Picture was taken last summer – however, the snow is all gone here and the flowers are starting to bloom!!!

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