My sleeping habits are so diverse that I sometimes lose track of my days – is it Tuesday or Wednesday? The weekend or a weekday? But what gets me more than that is when I spring out of bed in the middle of the night confused as to why it is so dark in the room and outside.  I was in a panic until I took a few breaths and realize it was alright…it was my night off and I was ok to be sleeping. 

Tumbled back into bed but couldn’t go to sleep right away because it was so dark in the room – I don’t have blackout curtains so normally it is pretty light in there when I go to bed each morning.  Before I went to bed, I even took a prescribed sleeping pill – something I rarely do – and I still woke up.

Think I will go take the dogs for a quick walk then try to figure out something for breakfast.  Have only about five hours until I have to leave for work so will see what I can get accomplished in that time.  It is colder outside again – only 45 and cloudy so won’t be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Speaking of cloudy though – we had a tremendous rainstorm last night – I LOVED IT!!!  I was out walking the dogs when the wind suddenly increased three-fold.  We ran for home and made it inside as the first torrent of rain struck.  Talk about loud and awesome! I watched out the screen door as lightning flashed, thunder rolled and rain pelted the ground.   Just awesome!


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