It is already 7 pm which means I have to decide whether to try to take a nap or not.  I am still tired – might have gotten 4.5 hours of sleep so far today but yet I don’t want to waste any more time on it either.  Later I’m going to be dead tired, I know.

Even though I ate spaghetti four hours ago, I’m hungry again.  I know eating carbs is crap and should have gone for something but didn’t want to go to the store and it was all I had in the house to eat.  I’m going to have to go for a salad or hamburger on the way to work.

I sure am glad my days off are starting tomorrow – I am shutting off my phone so don’t care if anyone calls in sick or anything else.  I am tired, worn out, demoralized, and need a break.  Of course, I need a break from more than my job – I need it from this apartment, the dogs, the cat, and all that.  Wish I could go somewhere but I can’t so no point wishing.


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