Finished reading this book the other day by Dean Koontz.  I read it back when it originally came out and reread it several times in between so I pretty much know it by heart but it is a decent representation of all I liked about Koontz.

In the back of the book, Koontz writes that he poured more of himself into this book than any other due to his childhood upbringing and what not.  He said it is still one of the most read Koontz book even though it is 20 years old.  I can’t say it was my favorite of his but it is certainly in the top five.

Revisiting why I loved Koontz for years has endeared him to me again even though I’m not all that fond of some of his newer stuff.  His writing clips the edge of reality leaving one sure there is “something” out there that is beyond our comprehension.  He makes us want to believe in science fiction.

His book “Intensity” was quite good as well and yes, very intense.  That one made me wish I could go off into the mountains somewhere and leave the “civilized” world behind because it isn’t so civilized.  Koontz gave us a look into an unfathomable evil so dark even the sun couldn’t penetrate it.  The killer in that book made me feel physically ill because I knew, without a doubt, that such evil exists in this world.  However, I knew that I wouldn’t remain untouched even on the remotes mountain – in fact, I’d be less prepared to handle it when it struck there than I would be here amongst the other sheep.

Phantoms and Watchers, well, those books made me pull the shades for fear someone was behind me.  You know how Psycho made millions of people everywhere afraid to get in the shower? Well, Phantoms and Watchers made you afraid to be silhouetted in a lit window when everything beyond was dark.  What was out there watching you? Suddenly being “in” the house didn’t seem so comforting – anything can get in if it wants to bad enough.  Of course as a person rereads the books, it is easy to forget the fear that gripped you the first time.  Read these and other Koontz books one right after another as I did back years ago and you might lock yourself in a closet for a few days.  🙂

Maybe there is a slight exaggeration there but those books were seriously creepy and intense the first time I read them.  Koontz grabbed you by the throat in the first chapter and never let go.  {{shivers}}

Oh if I could only write like that!


One thought on “Whispers

  1. You CAN write like that. You just have to keep working on it until someone else sees the talent we all do. I would love to read something of yours missy. I would love to write a good horror story next…but I just don’t know if I have what it takes for the horror genre. We’ll see!

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