Blew It

OK, for the past year I have not had a single soda – not one.  For the past six weeks I have not had any milk, coffee, creamer, cheese, sugar, and very little salt (sea salt).  For the past three weeks, I haven’t had any lemonade or iced tea other than Crystal Light.  I have had 1 cup of tea each day with raw “Stevia” for the sweetener.

I do not eat baked things like brownies, cake, cookies, etc.  I do not eat chocolate stuff plus no candy bars, chips, etc.  I have limited meat intake to once or twice every two weeks.  I have been drinking green drinks for six weeks now though I have to admit I haven’t had one in the past few days.  Most of the time I drink water – lots of water.

So explain to me why it is that I haven’t lost a single pound? In fact, I would almost swear I have gained instead of lost.  I have been very upset over it but what does one do?

I admit that, in frustration, I have blown my diet the last two days and feel crappy.  I drank half a cup of skim milk, I ate a ton of meat (roast), ate potatoes, ate gravy, ate corn.  I had a sip of coffee and one hershy kiss.  Feel really yuck now – I will admit it.  Oh, can’t forget the two Pina Colada wine coolers.

So, I will admit to a few other things too (I know I’ve said it before): my heartburn has been almost nonexistent, I feel better over all, and haven’t had hardly any headaches.  Work got a bit stressful for a couple days which gave me headaches and heartburn two days in a row but now that is better.

Still, I wanted to do all this cutting out to lose weight so it is very disturbing and disappointing to me that I haven’t yet.  My doctor says to be patient but how long am I suppose to wait to see some results? 

The past two days have been my first splurge since cutting out these things – I can’t imagine doing it again soon considering how bloated and crappy I feel now.  Don’t understand how people can drink a ton, be hung over and then do it again – I don’t want to do this again anytime soon at all.

However, I do want to see some damn results too.  I have been exercising some – not maybe as much as I should but still, I’ve been going on walks and what not.  It makes me so nuts – it really does.


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