Irritated and a bit bored

I am irritated at the dogs who for some reason thought it was necessary to go potty on the floor.  Irritates me to no end – I let them out to go potty several times a day and yet they still go indoors.  I don’t know how to break them of this habit as I don’t catch them at it.  I’m thinking I will have to start kenneling them while I nap.

I’m rather bored too.  Was reading but have a headache so stopped.  Tried writing but nothing would come.  Took the dogs for a walk and don’t have anything more to do – can’t go to bed for at least three more hours.  Started re-reading The Shining – was going to read The Stand but it’s 1000+ pages is rather intimidating.

Well, guess I’ll sit here and numbly watch tv until time to go to bed.


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