Sad, isn’t it?

It is sad that the temperature is 60 degrees outside, yet here I sit on the couch.  Why aren’t I out there enjoying it? I should be – it is supposed to rain on my two days off.

However, I have a blasting bad headache and the sunshine makes it worse so I haven’t gone out much today.  Plus I didn’t get to bed till after 9 am and slept till 3pm with only one trip in there to the restroom.  I have to say though, I still feel so very tired.  Not getting enough sleep yesterday is really kicking my ass today.

I’m fixing a salad so maybe that will give me some extra energy.  The dogs are getting very irritated with me because I haven’t taken them for a walk – nevermind that they spent an hour and forty minutes outside enjoying the sun.  It never counts to them unless we go for a walk – well, for Baxter anyway.

My son and I were talking about Baxter and his hangups yesterday.  He is a very stubborn and rebellious dog.  We decided he is a bit stuck up and must have decided a long time ago that he should be worshipped as a prince.  I love him but have to admit, he gets frustrating sometimes.

OK, we just got back from a mile long walk.  We couldn’t go further because my shoe rubbed the back of my heel raw.  I know, my fault for not wearing socks.  It seemed nice out but there is still a chill to the air – my cheeks are cold and my nose is running.  Imagine if we had gone in the heat of the day, it would have been better but oh well – such is life.

Tomorrow we will go for a longer walk somewhere away from home – probably the trail by the river again.


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