Kinda boring

Tonight, which was billed to be a very busy night here at work, was actually kinda boring.  OK, it was downright boring and drug by which is unusual for a Saturday night.

Don’t get me wrong – downtown was packed and jumping.  I scanned the crowds several times and was surprised at how many people were standing in line waiting to get into different bars. 

So imagine a thousand or so people wandering around downtown, drinking, having a great time and BEHAVING themselves.  That is so rare! There were no major fights, no weapons, no disturbances, very few traffic stops and only one drug call.  How impressive! Normally we are running from fight to fight – or stopping people who are so intoxicated they can’t walk straight and aren’t sure what state they are in.  We also usually have more citations for underage drinking and being in a bar after hours – we had ZERO of these tonight.

City PD usually runs out of available officers and calls us to assist them – that only happened once tonight.  City had plenty of action but most of it was far away from the downtown scene. 

While all this is an exceptionally good thing – I’m proud of all the young people who managed this and found it quite refreshing….it did make for a slow night in dispatch.  🙂


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