10-hr Nights Again

Well, my 10-hr nights start at work again tomorrow night.  Those two hours feel like eight making every 10-hr day seem like a double shift.  We all hate them but what does a person do?

I hope to get a lot of work done on the SOP during those two hours this week.  I’ve volunteered to help enter Coralville and Johnson County cross streets and addresses so want to get a large chunk of the SOP done before I start doing that. 

Believe it or not, I like to stay busy at work on work things rather than trying to read or do whatever.  The time seems to go by so much faster when I’m busy than when I’m struggling to fill the void with personal stuff.  There are those who prefer to read or whatever and that is fine for them but it gets old to me. 

Ugh! I hate the idea of the 10-hr nights but maybe I can keep busy enough to make them highly productive.


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