Spent Money

I have to say, I spent more money today than I had planned to.  Stopped at JCPenny’s to look at shoes and their “Red Hot” sale.  Bought a pair of Nike’s – Regularly $95 for $55 – and two shirts for $8 each – both regularly over $40.  I wore one of them to the meeting I had today.  I thought I looked nice until I looked in the mirror when I got home – the shirt made me look so fat I wanted to cry.

I have decided to keep my gym membership.  My son wants me to add him when he gets his license back – I told him I would only if he used it this time.  I can’t say much though – I haven’t been going like I should either but that is about to change again.

Next month I hope to buy a bicycle.  I want to ride my bike to work on my 10-hr days – get the exercise and what not.  I’m almost afraid to get one because I will find out how out of shape I am for it – I could always go 30 to 60 miles without tiring before but having not biked much for 10 years I can imagine how hard 12 miles will be.

However it is a hobby I really enjoy so I would like to get back into it.  Would like to get moved to Coralville or IC so I could walk and bike to work more.  That would be so awesome.  I need to walk more.

Anyway, after I got out of the meeting I went to O’Kelly’s for lunch and drank two margaritas.  The second one gave me quite the buzz so I sat there reading for 90 minutes before driving over to Walmart.  At Walmart I bought stuff I needed – no extras from there like blu-rays.  I saw a purse I liked but refrained from buying it as I don’t really need a new purse.  The only indulgence at Walmart was more wine coolers.

Came home and finished the book I was reading (already wrote the review) around 9:30 pm.  Took the dogs on a brief walk – damn it is cold out there!  Have been working on the internet since then – answering emails, paying bills, surfing.  Right now the dishwasher is going but I may have to turn it off – it is so loud sounding to me.

Anyway, that has been my night.  I’m going to go to bed now.  I was going to stay up until 3 am but I can’t make it that long.  The dogs want to go to bed too – they keep looking at me.


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