In the building where I work the public can only get to our offices in the underground via a set of elevators or stairs from the inside of the building or an entrance at the rear.  Staff has extra ins and outs but those are not available to the general masses.

The set of elevators are both marked with a large, black “B”.  When I park up in the ramp, I take the elevator down because I’m too lazy to take the stairs – it also hurts my knees.  When I push the button, both elevators respond to the floor that I am on. 

My preference is for the right hand elevator – it closes quickly and zips me down to the dingy underground before the left hand elevator’s doors have even closed.  The left hand one sits there even after you push the “b” level ten or twelve times. 

OK, where am I going with this, right? A few months back I watched the movie “Devil” about a group of people stuck in an elevator with a demon in the body of an older woman.  They all did things wrong in life and it takes them several hours to get it all confessed – those who refuse to confess are killed in various ways.

Anyway, I think of this movie sometimes when I’m about to get on the slow elevator.  What sins would I have to confess? What path would I pick – death or confession if I did have something to confess?


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