YES! Love it!

It is in the low 70’s and I have to say – this is my kind of day.  I love being outdoors when it is warm but not hot – why can’t it stay like this year round?  So lovely out.  Tomorrow is suppose to be in the low 80’s with possibility of severe weather.  Please, we don’t get “severe” weather here in Iowa…makes me laugh every time they start talking like the coming thunderstorm could be severe.  What, a little hail? A little wind? Maybe a couple inches rain? Really?

Yes, we do get some severe things I suppose once and a while – look at the straightline winds in 94…that was pretty crappy but it was also 17 years ago.  We have had a couple tornados in the area and one actually tapped Iowa City on the head but that is the only one to have touched down in town in my 48 years.  I can really only think of two that ever came close to or in Iowa City in my lifetime.

But whatever, the weather was perfect today and will, hopefully, be perfect tomorrow too.  It definitely lifts my mood and gets me out exercising.  🙂


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