Fuzzy Navels

It has been awhile since I have made Fuzzy Navels at home.  Usually I go for more of the Pineapple Rum with my OJ than vodka.  However, I haven’t purchased the rum in so long that I don’t have any in the household but did have a trifle bit of vodka left so fuzzy navels it is. 

I am not a big drinker – I think the vodka is left over from Christmas, 2009.  I have wine and martini glasses that have never been out of their boxes.  I have two Corona left from a six pack I bought around Thanksgiving last year.  Just don’t go in for the alcohol.  I will quote, once again, “I will not put a thief in my mouth to rob my brains” – thanks True Grit (the original).  Control is a big issue  with me.

So I decided to watch this movie “Frogs” that was in my queue for quite a while.  I think it was an alcohol induced decision though I’ve only had a few sips of my first drink.  It is rather stupid.  A man just accidentally shot himself in the leg and this somehow made him unable to fight off a legion of deadly spiders which, I must say, aren’t indigenous to the island the people are supposed to be on…but neither are the large iguanas so I guess that is life.  The iguana’s are about to eat one of the other cast – guess he is a moron for wandering off by himself.

OK, so the iguana’s didn’t eat him – just knocked over some bottles of poison so they’d die of that.  Now there is a woman off wandering alone – wonder what will get her – probably the butterflies.  Damn butterflies, they looks so sweet and benign and then they grab you when you aren’t looking.

The movie, in case you are wondering, is about a man who owns an island where he tries to kill off all living creatures because he hates nature.  He hates everything to do with nature so he sprays pesticides and poisons that kill off many things – birds, snakes, fish, frogs, etc.

Nature decides that the man needs a lesson so it is sending all the little creatures the man hates to kill off his family and I assume soon the man himself.  A young man tries to warn the man that his wicked ways are being repaid to him ten fold but the older man doesn’t care or believe him.

The movie isn’t scary and really makes one laugh because it keeps showing the frogs when they haven’t killed anyone at all yet.  The latest victim died of a snake bite…oh awesome, they just brought a crocodile into the mess.  Crocodiles aren’t indigenous to this island either.  Oh, now there are several crocodiles…well, I’d say this man has had it now too. 

I don’t mind the premise – nature rebelling – but come on, at least use animals that are indigenous to the area.  Why would all these other reptiles come from afar to attack this one man? It is stupid.  OMG, a woman just died from a turtle…a turtle.  How ridiculous is that?


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