Went for a walk yesterday morning when I got off work.  It is a nice nature trail along the river with two ponds.  The smaller of the two ponds is rather shallow which makes it an ideal place for ducks and other birds.  Usually I see a few ducks and maybe a swan and a blue heron there floating around lazily.

The last couple of days I have been seeing a few geese – started out with two or three, went up to about seven and then yesterday it was over 100.  It was amazing seeing such a mass of beautiful birds filling the pond almost to the brim. 

Most of the geese were in the middle standing on the small island out in the pond – you couldn’t see the island there were so many birds.  On either side of the island there were rows of geese standing sentry.

I’ve never seen so many geese – actually, I’ve never seen geese this close before – they are huge birds!  I snapped some photos with my phone but not sure if they will turn out as my phone doesn’t zoom in and one couldn’t get close without disturbing the birds.

I am half tempted to go back this morning when I get off work to walk again and take my camera.  Probably wouldn’t see as many geese today – I imagine the gaggle of geese were just passing through.  I was going to skip my walk this morning as it is supposed to be rather chilly – I always take the dogs on the same walk in the afternoon that I do in the morning so I get double the exercise. 

Course, yesterday when we went back in the afternoon the geese were long gone – what a picture that would have been of them all taking flight at once!


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