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Was reading the internet news tonight about a woman who got in a fight with her boyfriend/husband/whatever so she packed up her four children and drove to the Hudson River.  She let the 10-year-old out of the van before driving into the chilly water with her other three.  The ten-year old ran to the fire station to report what she had done but, of course, there was no way they could save her or the children.

The van was underwater by the time the fire department got to the scene – it took divers about an hour to locate the sunken van.  When the van was pulled out, the woman and children were still inside.  Her children were an 11-month old girl, a two-year old boy and a five-year old boy.

My sense of the story is that the 10-year-old perhaps had a different father and was allowed to live because she had no beef with that man whilst the other children were the products of her current relationship.  How horrible! How could a mother do that to her children? I will never understand it – never.

Usually I tell myself the person had to be mentally unbalanced to do something so horrific – but lately I’m wondering if that is true.  More and more people seem to be doing horrific things – are they all unbalanced or are we living in a society that has become pathetically complacent? We say “how horrible” and then look away feeling somewhat relieved that it wasn’t anyone we knew.  Who knows, maybe “unbalanced” rubs off – right?

Some folks don’t look at their children with that sense of undying love – they see them as commitments, obligations, mouths to feed, a weight around their neck.  I don’t get it.

The ten-year old who survived is probably going to struggle the rest of his life with survivor’s guilt and possibly even blame himself (if only I ran faster to the fire department) for his siblings death.  It hurts my heart.


One thought on “In the news

  1. it hurts my heart too.
    that poor boy and those poor children.
    I think maybe we live in a society of, if you are going to hurt me, I am going to hurt you, kind of thing.
    This woman was having problems with this man so she was going to hurt him the worst way possible.
    Take his kids from him.
    I can only assume she was thinking, “I will make you pay and you will have to live with this for the rest of your life, what you made me do”
    Know what I mean?
    It is sad all the way around and like I have said many times before we live in a very sick sick world.

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