This is going to be a miserable day – I can feel it coming on.  The water in the living room isn’t as bad as I thought – you would think that would be good news, right?  Wrong.  They are going to have to cut into the wall behind my bookcase – they will have to be in and out of here all day…ALL DAY.  Then they will have to come back tomorrow (if they fix it today) do patch the wall.  Then they will have to come back the next day to paint the wall. 

Did I mention they have to call a plumber to see about the sinks being clogged? So I have that going on as well.  Should the plumber find something drastic, they might have to pull my carpet and dig up my living room floor.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

They asked me “Do you have somewhere you can go for a few days?”  Oh yeah, right.  I always have a hotel room on standby and the money on hand for a several days stay – of course the pets will love that too.

If I’m not here to watch the workers, I feel like they will snoop or bother my stuff when they don’t need to.  YES, I AM my mother’s daughter.  The maintenance man said, cheerfully, “Oh, it won’t be that bad”…I’m so glad he thinks that.  I just want to cry.

I went over to the resident coordinators apartment – it was so nice – so much nicer than mine.  It has strengthened my resolve to get rid of some things here in my apartment.  I’m going to pack up the books & put them in the storage room & get rid of the cheap bookcases.  I’m going to get rid of several of the little stands that I got out of dumpsters and take down some of the pictures.  The idea is a more minimalistic look – I will like that much better.

I know you are wondering what else I possibly could have to complain about – or whine about as the case may be.  OK, two more itsy bitsy things – I have lost my one and only contact case so can not take my contacts out to go to bed.  I had it with me last night but it is nowhere to be found today.  Secondly, I have a huge blister on my right foot baby toe.  At first when I glanced down at my toe, I thought it was deformed somehow but found that it wasn’t a deformity but a large un-popped blister.  It looks like my baby toe is wearing a top hat.  Guess I now know why it has been bothering me.

So there you have it, my day of misery.  The maintenance guy is going to put a fan under my carpet (prop up the carpet & have a fan blowing on the pad?) to try to dry it out faster – then he is going to come work in my apartment tonight after I leave for work…doesn’t that sound awesome? With any luck I should get to bed by noon…1 pm on the outside.  What a waste of a day.

I know I tend to whine when I am tired and that all this seems more terrible to me than it probably is because all I want to do is go to bed.  The maintenance man said “There is only a gallon of water on the floor so I guess you caught it early” which I kind of interpreted as “I could have stayed relaxing in the office longer because it really is barely worth my effort.”  I love the guy but have to say he always makes me feel like a stupid female. 

Thank god it wasn’t my fish tank breaking – I can imagine if one gallon of water felt like I was sloshing through a bog, fifteen would feel like I was cruising in the Everglades.


2 thoughts on “Misery

  1. have you been looking for a place to move to?
    I keep asking you and you aren’t answering.
    With all this problems with the sink, they should let you out of your lease early!

  2. Just a heads up. You might check your renters insurance. It might have something in there for loss of use if you have to relocate. Or the landlord’s policy may have coverage for you to relocate while they are working on your apartment. I am a licensed agent for a large insurance company and I do know that kind of coverage is sometimes part of a policy. Might be worth checking it out.

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