So the plumber finally got done and left.  He found that the neighbor’s line was also plugged which was a big relief to him because it explained whatever was bothering him.  He muttered about he guessed she was keeping it a secret and that it would have been nice to know to begin with.  He doesn’t like his job.

I got to bed a little after 1 pm and was awake by 5pm and up at 5:30.  Feel so tired still but know that is all I am going to get tonight.  I guess that will have to do.

The maintenance man is still coming back at 8pm to finish up with the carpet and do whatever else he feels like in my apartment.  I have a load of dishes going in the dishwasher – have pots and pans left to do but won’t get done before I have to get ready for work. 

I’m hungry but don’t feel like cooking or even being in the kitchen..guess I hold a grudge.


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