It is almost time to go home – two hours left and counting.  The five-shot latte I drank earlier is wearing off so I’m struggling to stay awake. 

A search of the dispatch center has not revealed the location of my contact case – guess my contacts will be kept in tea cups again as I doubt I will want to take the time to stop & buy a new one on the way home.

I hope my carpet is dry – I also hope my maintenance man didn’t go through my stuff while I was gone.  I doubt he would, he seems like a very nice man but people can get nosy when they don’t think they will be caught at it.  The only thing for him to really see are my dirty dishes conveniently stashed in the oven.  I had to do something to get them out of the way – couldn’t wash them so this was next best thing.  I will get the machine going as soon as I get home – I love my dishwasher…hope my next apartment has a full-size one.  Think I will still use this portable one though too.  🙂

I brought my ereader to work thinking I would get a couple of hours of reading in but the battery was too low.  All day yesterday and the day before I kept telling myself to charge it up while it sat around the house but I didn’t so now I have no ereader to play on.  Go figure.

I wore my tan, work-issued pants tonight for the first time in months.  I hate how they gap in the back – makes me wonder how many people I have let see my flower-print underwear.  I hate that but wasn’t always paying attention.  Generally I try to make sure my shirt comes down over it but won’t swear it was always that way.

Started this over an hour ago – keep getting interrupted so guess that is a sign that it is time to quit writing on it.  🙂


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