“We all go a little crazy sometimes” he says with a little hyena laugh.  Rather creepy really.

I posted a rather risqué status earlier today wanting to see how many of my friends would come back with raunchy comments – I was disappointed.  Is it because I’m overweight and older so it makes the idea of desire and sex creepy? Do most of them see me more as a motherly figure than a regular woman? I know most of the guys don’t “see” me at all which makes me feel rather invisible sometimes.  

Don’t get me wrong – I am not looking for a man or sex – I don’t want to complicate my life more than it is now.  I posted it more for my amusement – to stir up reactions.  Don’t know why I enjoy doing that so much – my life must be pretty pathetic to have such a weird hobby.  Sometimes I think people need a little stirring, a new perspective, a little levity – it lightens life’s harder moments. 

I like seeing a range of responses – and like sparring with someone until one of us is too grossed out to continue…usually I end up being the one who concedes.  I have one friend who can always top my worst comment and I have to go “ewwww.”  I am always amused by his ability to take even the simplest thing to the extreme.

I glean the reactions for characters and situations to write about in my stories – kind of my own personal research.  LOL.  We all get so bogged down with the daily grind of life – let’s lighten up folks, it is fun and it makes us laugh.  My coworkers and I can get to laughing so hard over the stupidest shit – I love it! I love to laugh!


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