I have such a headache – think it is pet dander related.  I just trimmed up Baxter and Bennie so think it made my allergies flair up.  What a mess and I did a horrible job as usual – I need to find a good groomer to take them to once a month.  But Baxter’s fur was matted in several places so I started just trying to get the clumps out.  What a mess.

Bennie is easy to trim up and always does fine until I get around his face.  He gets a goatee going though if I don’t get his face done.  Baxter wants to go outside something fierce – he keeps scratching at the screen door trying to get my attention.  As we were just out for them to go potty, I doubt he needs to go but he hears the birds singing and sees the sun shining so wants to go.

I’m going to take them to the river trail – it is warm enough to do that one today.  I haven’t eaten yet so am rather hungry but guess I will wait till we get back.  I have to, of course, work tonight.  It is a full moon but it is also a Sunday so they kind of cancel each other out – at least in the police environment.

Baxter is getting a bit nuts – guess I’ll tie him out until I’m ready to go.


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