The boys and I went on our little walk along the river trail today – they seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.  I wore a t-shirt and shorts along with a jacket to carry my crap in (cell phone, water, billfold, car keys, leash for Bennie, pooh bags).  It was too warm to wear the jacket but I didn’t want it around my waist either so I wore it like a cloak which worked out fine.

I ran into a very handsome man my age who was out with his grandson.  Yeah, I have no illusions that he thought anything remotely the same about me – I was a mess.  Still, I wasn’t out there to meet people – I was out there to walk and enjoy the scenery so count him as part of the latter.  🙂

The dogs look like they are suffering from some terrible disease thanks to their horrific haircuts.  You would think I would learn not to attempt such things on my own – I really suck at it.  Funny cause I don’t think I suck at trimming my hair but I can’t seem to master trimming them.   Maybe I do suck at doing my hair and people are just too nice to point it out.  That would suck too.  Sorry, Sis, I know you hate that word but it is just a word.

Obviously I am in a mood – probably because it is 3:30 and I haven’t eaten anything yet.  I suppose I should do that.  Oh, my vacuum belt broke again…hasn’t even been a month and probably hasn’t been used 8 times since I replaced it last time.  I am thinking I need a new vacuum – want one that is stronger too, one that sucks up all the pet hair.

Baxter is sick – the vet gave him some penicillin and digestive pills again.  The vet thinks he picked something up from the pond where I let them swim last week.  Bennie swam more than Baxter but Baxter laid in the muddy shallow end & the vet said he probably picked something up there. 

Some days I wonder if I’m cut out to be a pet owner.  I love them all but sometimes they make me so nuts.  I suppose it is being cooped up in this little apartment.  Plus Isabel has decided she wants to lay by my head all the time so that drives me bananas – I can’t stand pets by my head.

Baxter was sick a bit ago on the tiled floor – it literally gave me dry heaves cleaning it up.  Makes me want to gag now remembering it.


One thought on “Walking

  1. yeah I hate that word, there are so many other words, better words to describe things that you dislike or hate.
    But thanks for the apology!

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