I had to switch from my Prince station to my Billy Joel one – I want to hear Prince’s Purple Rain album but Pandora keeps playing Michael Jackson which is unacceptable to me.  I have hit the limit on how many songs I can skip on the Prince station so had to switch.  Find it very frustrating that it keeps playing MJ – he is not a favorite of mine by any means.

I like the idea of Pandora but what just played? A commercial!!! Thought the whole idea of Pandora was NO commercials? What is up with that? If it is going to play commercials, then what is the point of listening to it? The commercials are why I don’t listen to regular radio.

Am not a fan of songs played “live” in front of huge crowds who are hooting and hollering in the background.  That isn’t music – that is not a welcome sound like a foghorn in a dense fog, it is tantamount to nails on a chalkboard.  Ugh.


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