I wanted to sign up for scuba classes in the fall but I see that both sets of classes are already full – go figure. I guess I will have to wait till spring or find somewhere else that offers the course.

What I would love to do, but can’t afford, is to fly to Key West (or Key Largo) and take it down there. The course starts on a Friday and you are certified on Sunday after going through three days of intensive work. Your certification dive is right there in the ocean which would make the whole trip worthwhile.

Unfortunately, it would cost me about $1300 for flight, class, and hotel. It is far cheaper to find a class up here but the certification dive up here is in the quarry which sounds totally disgusting. I don’t know why I didn’t do it while I lived in Florida – it would have made a lot more sense.

Well, that isn’t true – I do know why I didn’t do it in Florida – no one to do it with me and too many sharks. The Bay was full of sharks and while a person really wouldn’t be bothered by them, I found it a bit intimidating. I don’t mind sharks in the ocean/Gulf but in the much closer confines of the Bay, it bothered me. Oh well, water under the bridge now.

Eventually the University will have openings so I will have to be patient. I have rock climbing classes to take in the mean time – plus schedule myself a skydive and maybe even a hot air balloon ride. I asked my sister if she wanted to do the dinner train with me – if she doesn’t then I will ask my son and his girlfriend to go…I’m sure they would if we could coordinate a time.

There is also a scenic drive that starts at the southern tip of Iowa and runs to the northern corner as it follows the Mississippi River – maybe I will drive that sometime for the fun of it – but not till next year.

I have several plans that I’ve been playing with – not sure how many I will actually get to do this year due to financial restrictions but we shall see. Getting my car fixed and moving are number 1 priorities.


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