No mercy, none what-so-ever…

The weather gods are refusing to grant mercy to us mere mortals who feel violently opposed to more rain.  Fucking assholes.  Don’t get me wrong – I love rain and rainy days…two in a row is even tolerable…but we are going on a week and that is insanely wrong.  It is abuse, pure and simple. 

I’m trying to distract myself – it isn’t easy.  I finished the book “Mr Murder” by Dean Koontz – not the first time I’ve read it which made it hard to stay focused.  It isn’t a bad book but not one of his best either. 

Tried to go outside to walk the dogs at the river trail – figured even if the area was wet, we’d still get some exercise.  Didn’t get out-of-town before torrents of rain fell on my car – I couldn’t be sure if it fell elsewhere too…I’m assuming so but maybe this is my own personal hell so nothing outside of my realm is being inundated with the deluge of rain.

I’m sorry, I started this post promising myself it wouldn’t totally be about the weather but, as you can see, it has exerted ironclad control over me.  I can’t get away from it.  Being caught in this gray world where everything is wet and sloppy has brought my “happy, happy, joy, joy” vibes to a screeching halt. 

My head hurts…


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