I woke up to the apartment being freezing again.  I had opened the windows before going to bed because it was supposed to be a nice day.  Guess it is “nice” compared to the other days but it is still far from the 60’s which is my minimum for considering it to be nice.

Put the heat on and closed the windows – it is warming up now finally so I turned it back down. 

Took the dogs on a walk first thing this morning down by the river – it was windy and chilly but the sun was shining which made it worthwhile.  Now, of course, they want to go outside some more but it is overcast and chilly so not going out again till later.

I actually need to run a couple errands so think I will go do that.  Want to stop at the store and need to run to Walgreens for my medicine.  Don’t have a lot of money to go do much of anything but I do need to do those two things – plus get gas.  Damn, I feel tired.


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