Today is another “whatever” day.  I am tired even with 5 hours of sleep, it is raining/chilly out again, and I’m moody because I haven’t had my first cup of tea yet.

Pandora is playing “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics – I don’t like their version as well as Marilyn Manson’s.  They make it sound so upbeat that everybody wants to use and abuse you…I never really stopped to think about the song until Marilyn did it.  His gritty version is better portrays the idea that everyone wants something from everyone else.

Took the dogs for a 2 mile walk this morning – drove home and then back into town for the river walk.  I keep telling myself I’m going to have to stop doing it because gas is up to almost $4 a gallon now.  I gassed up yesterday – it was $40.

The walk was pretty nice – chilly in the wind but fine when I had it at my back.  Barely got started when my neck and shoulders began to ache so badly I almost turned around.  A quick survey of my jacket pockets revealed so much crap that it was no wonder the weight was bothering me.  I took the jacket off and immediately felt better albeit a bit cold.  Makes me wonder if I need to go to the doctor for some muscle relaxers again – my neck is so sensitive lately which I contribute to it not being able to fully relax.  I’ve been so tense lately – even sleeping.  Sometimes I wake up and realize I am stiff with tension so I try to mentally massage the muscles but it doesn’t always work.  Right now both my neck and shoulders ache.


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