I’m Sorry Dear Readers

I know how much you all hate hearing me complain or talk about being depressed – but that is what this post is about.  Feel free to skip it – I won’t know and won’t mind.

It is 7:56 am and I am so very tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I plan on going to bed here very shortly.  As we all know, when I am tired I also get very down – today is no exception.  I am so down I feel like it is hard to breathe.  I would cry but there is no sense to it because I’m not really sure what I would be crying about.  I couldn’t tell you why I am down or anything else for that matter – just that I am.

I’m not just down, I am angry as well yet again, I don’t know at what.  I suppose the fucking weather is as good as anything to be angry about – will the sun ever shine again? I can’t take all this rain and no sunshine.  In FL we had rain everyday during rainy season but it only lasted a couple hours and then the sun would come out.  This constant raining and overcast skies is killing me.

OK, I ate an egg so am feeling a little bit better – didn’t realize how hungry I was until it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was thinking I should go to the gym and workout but I don’t think I will before bedtime – I’m too tired.

Had plans for my days off – nothing earth-shaking but a kind of “to do” list.  I thought our monthly meeting was going to be cancelled but found out today that it isn’t so will be doing that in the afternoon tomorrow.  Have I mentioned how tired I am?


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Dear Readers

  1. Jmho, Honey you need to get more sleep. Your batteries are running down. I understand the sleep thing, my husband has had a difficult time sleeping since he lost his job in 2008. He never found one. He became a general contractor and incorporated so works for himself and I do believe his issue is stress. But you are the only one who can take care of you. Do the bubble bath thing with candles and hot chocolate or tea to help relax. How is your writing going? I am trying to get my novel going but it isn’t going very far or very fast. I do write a monthly article for Women’s Edition. I can seem to get it done without an issue but it has a deadline and a check.

  2. Thanks Virginia! Don’t know what is up with my terrible sleeping pattern – can’t seem to get more than 4 hours at a time these days. Usually get 4 and then take a nap later for another 2.

    I have some great ideas for new stories but haven’t been able to get them down on paper yet. I hope you can get your book going and completed. You know I will buy a copy. 🙂

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