It occurred to me today

It occurred to me today that I haven’t made any attempt to settle into living in North Liberty.  I haven’t a clue what the town has to offer.  My son knows NL better than I do and he doesn’t live here.  I don’t know what restaurants, bars, parks, trails, etc., available to me. 

I have a coworker who moved here after me and she has a better grasp of the city than I do.  She has tried several of the restaurants and bars.  I guess I’m always thinking I will be moving into IC soon so why spend the time getting to know this place – but I could actually be living here for awhile so I should invest some time in getting to know the place.

I lived here a year and didn’t know the walk trail went under Hwy 965 not far from my house or that there was a park on the other side with a pond.  I saw a sign for a doggie day in Morrison Park in a few days – I didn’t know NL had a Morrison Park and have no idea where it is. 

Maybe it is because I hate my apartment so much that any investment of my time to this town makes it seem like I will never get away from this tiny place I’ve been stuck for three years now.  I need to get out of the place – I need a bigger place with more natural light and a fenced yard.


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