So today the sun is shining and the skies are relatively blue.  My day started at 4 am – was outside walking the dogs at that time in a tshirt and shorts – granted the sun wasn’t out yet but I figured it would be soon enough.  Took them for another walk around 8:30 – then ran a few errands, went to the gym, and came back home.  Grabbed the dogs and went to walk the river trail – another 1.5 miles on top of what I did at the gym.

In a little bit, I’m going to tie the dogs out and sit in the sun to tan for a bit.  Want to eat lunch first because I’m rather hungry.  Figure I’ll have to be back in bed by 6 pm to get in a nap before work. 

They’ve updated the weather page to say it is suppose to hit 70 degrees – I hope so.  Right now it is 56.


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