Even though I am so very tired, or maybe because I am so very tired, I have been in a cleaning frenzy.  Have the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom clean – only have dusting left in the living room and should do the ceiling fans but probably won’t because my head is already bursting from allergies.  I’m actually considering going back to bed – can’t believe it is almost 6pm already!!

Was hoping I got paid today since tomorrow is Sunday – wanted to get to Fareway for a few groceries like milk and bread – but guess it will have to wait until Monday.  Have a hamburger leftover from yesterday to eat before work tonight so that should be enough but will take a can of soup along too just in case. 

I have on “Creepshow” – streaming it on Netflix – but I always feel bad for Baxter when it comes to the beach one.  He sits on the couch staring at the screen the moment he hears the first seagull and stays there till the beach scene is over.  I see the longing in his eyes and it makes me sad.   I do so hope I can find a place with a fenced in yard for him – he would like that better than being cooped up so much in an apartment.  He loves the outdoors.

Now that I’ve sat down, I am feeling all that more tired and ready for bed.  Several of my coworkers are going out tonight – some are out already – and while I wasn’t invited (I assume because I work but maybe I wasn’t wanted) I probably could meet up with them if I didn’t have to work.  However, I know that I wouldn’t because of how tired I am – not to mention they are all 10 to 20 years younger than me. 

I remember when I was their age – I thought getting old was so far in the future that I didn’t need to even consider it.  I thought I’d have a house, some grandkids, and just enjoy the day to day existence when I got “old”.  I am not old now – I mean, yes I am by my coworker’s standards, but I’m really not compared to my grandparents who died in their late 80’s.  I easily have another 40 to 45 years left and with all the modern medicine, possibly even 50. 

Funny how each birthday I would convince myself that my life wasn’t half over – I hadn’t reached the halfway point yet.  This last one, 48, made me have to admit that I probably had.  But if I have another 40 years – that is plenty to enjoy.  Look at what all I’ve done in the first 48 years – granted I need to get healthy so I can thoroughly enjoy the next 40.

Well, anyway, I got off the subject here of cleaning but whatever.  I’m too tired to care. 🙂


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