So Osama is finally dead and the country is free from the grips of the world’s most wanted terrorist.  I am glad our soldiers got him and that we can now close the chapter on his reign.  Will there be retaliation? Maybe but maybe not too.  His organization was centered largely around him and what he wanted – with him gone, the remnant might just fade away as it did when Hitler died.

Osama was a bad man who thought he needed to use violence, force, intimidation and murder in a vengeance that had little basis.  He hated us because we were Americans – he hated our decadence and thought us spoiled.   It doesn’t matter that he once lived and was friends with our country or that his own family was here at the time of the Trade Center.  He took the words of peaceful muslim religious leaders and twisted them to his own benefit – making his followers hate us and making our nation suspicious of every muslim in our ranks.

As is usually the case, he wanted what we had though he professed not to.  Most wars are based on this type of greed – wanting what we think should be ours and stopping at nothing to get it no matter who steps in the way.

I don’t delve into politics and the rules of war.  These are things I don’t want to know about – don’t want to get involved in because it only serves to make me distrustful and enraged.  I am not sorry he is dead – I think President Obama made the right decision to sign the order authorizing our troops to go get him.  I also think it was Bush’s job to do but like most of his presidency, he neglected to follow through.

Kudos to the military for a job well done!


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