The Presence

Read this book by John Saul yesterday.  I thought the book would be about a ghost or something similar due to the front cover of the book and the title – WRONG.  I have no idea what this “presence” was – it doesn’t really mention a sense of a presence.

The book is about a pod that splashed down millions of years ago into the volcanic region of Hawaii.  The pod stayed down in the lava under the earth’s surface until a volcanic eruption brought it to the surface which was then found by a couple of divers who, unfortunately, perished in an eruption.

The pod contained millions of seeds which, according to the author, is where life on Earth came from.  The pod was sent by the dying civilization on Mars because they wanted their race to continue.  We are their offspring millions of years later.

Of course there is a mad scientist with way too much money in the book too.  He acquires the pod, takes the seed and begins experimenting on humans to see if he can evolve people to live in terribly polluted areas – thus continuing the human species no matter what we do to our planet.  His choice for subjects are teenage boys in the world’s most polluted areas.  Of course the boys have to die so he can dissect them to find out how they were doing.

The main boy, of course, becomes accidentally infected and thus the rest of the book is about him and his friends.

For John Saul, it wasn’t very scary and I had a hard time with it holding my interest.  There are books of John’s that give me nightmares – this, sadly, was not one of them.  😦


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