A Perfect Evil

This book starts the Maggie O’Dell series which I have read so have probably already reviewed.  However, maybe reviewing it the second (or third?) time will yield new thoughts or insights.

The book is about Maggie O’Dell, an FBI profiler, who is called in when a couple of boys go missing and turn up dead.  Yes, the killer is apparent from the beginning but maybe that is my own sense of it – maybe other readers would be surprised. 

I like Maggie O’Dell – she is gutsy, intelligent and reserved.  The main male in it is the local sheriff who thinks of himself as a playboy.  Tell me, if the man jumps from bed to bed does that make him a “player” or a slut?  Do sluts always have to be female? I guess I will have to look up the definition.  Hmmm.

Anyway, I must admit, I didn’t care too much for him at first but he does grow on you.  He has met his match with Maggie and falls bad for her though she makes it plain she is a married woman.  I think her husband gets killed in one of the other books but I won’t swear to it.  The next book is “Split Second” which I will start sometime this week.

Did I mention Alex Kava is the author…guess not…I’m sleep deprived.  Kava’s books are good  – I’ve enjoyed most of them.  I haven’t read “Black Friday” yet because someone revealed the ending to me so I haven’t taken the time.  I did read the one after that one – “The Cold Room” I think it was called.

I will say she does get a little involved with the gore – I know I have mentioned that before with her books.  Granted a lot of it is autopsy stuff but I don’t care to read about the nitty gritty details of an autopsy. 

Overall, a very good book if you can stomach the plot of a man killing young boys (11-12).  He does not sexually abuse them so there is none of that in the book.  However, I started to tell my coworker about the book and she stopped me the minute I started telling her the plot.  she has a young son that age & said she didn’t need those thoughts in her brain – or something like that.  I understand – child abuse/murder is something that enrages me to no end when I read it in the newspaper.  It depends on how detailed the book is on whether it bothers me reading it because I know it is fiction.  It isn’t like the book spends a lot of time talking or dwelling on those issues even – it is about Maggie tracking the killer down.


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