Long Night

I have to say, being up at this hour makes the night feel like it is going on and on forever.  It is different at work because I’ve got work to do.  Here at home I am limited on what I can do – like I can’t vacuum at 3 am – don’t want to take out the trash – walk on the treadmill – etc. 

My sinus’ are bothering me – imagine that.  I could watch some television but nothing sounds all that good – watched “House on Haunted Hill” earlier.  I could read, I suppose but I know I will end up staying up too long then and be tired later.  For instance, I got home yesterday and sat in the car for 90 minutes finishing the book I was reading – I meant to only finish that chapter before coming in to walk the dogs and what not but time got away from me. 

I always sit in the car for a little bit when I get home – usually not more then ten or fifteen minutes.  I listen to music, relax and watch the birds eat out of the birdfeeder.  This is my quiet time when nothing and no one is putting demands on me – including my pets.  Pretty pathetic, huh? But we all do what we have to do to unwind and that is it for me.

Wanted to buy a shepherds hook today at HyVee for the birdfeeder but there was a lady ahead of me in line that had a ton of questions and couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted all the plants she had brought to the cash register.  They only have one register out there and I was too impatient to wait for the woman to figure out her life.  My god, if she can’t pick a few plants that she likes, how does she get through the harder decisions in life?

Anyway, I will have to go back for them as Walmart doesn’t have them yet – or didn’t last time I checked.  Just easier to get it at HyVee – the one I want is only $8.  I saw a beautiful plant there that I wanted too but refrained – I’ve already killed several that I bought or was given so far this spring.   No use spending more money until the weather actually warms up a bit – the last two died from the cold frost.  Sick of this weather.


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