There has to be…

I am in one of those “there has to be more than this” moods.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, love being near my son, love law enforcement…but isn’t there more than this? Isn’t there more than the constant daily crap? Really, what do most of us do now? We eat, sleep, shit and work – the latter being the only thing that raises us above the rest of the animal world. 

Sometimes I want to live the animal life – graze on the grass, do whatever I want at the speed I want.  If I want to be a snail today, then I can lazy daze in the sun all day.  If I am more in a giselle mood, I can run freely jumping fences and travel around.

I admit it though – that kind of life would be boring after awhile.  I need the stimulation of work and going through the grind or else I wont do anything but sit and daydream all day.   Guess I would like the luxury of feeling more in control of my life and circumstance. 

I don’t know…it is a mood and it will pass.

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