First Day Wasted

OK, I suppose it wasn’t really wasted. I did get a few things done inside the apartment and got in a whole five hours worth of sleep so that is good. I could have used twice that amount but oh well.

Still, the day feels like it was wasted because it was so nice outside – in the 80’s! I would have liked to suntan and maybe gone for a hike but I just couldn’t do it. I was so tired after only getting 3 hours yesterday before working a double. Then I walked the dogs but felt so crappy due to my allergies that I’ve been indoors pretty much the rest of the afternoon and night.

I have a 6 am meeting at work so need to get to bed here pretty quick so I can be rested for it. Have to take the dogs out for another walk but it will be a short one.

I have a list of things I want to get done on my three days off – now I feel like it will be rushed but I’m sure it will work out fine. Things have a way of working out – sometimes not like we plan but often better. Man, I’m still so tired.


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