Friday the 13th…so scary

I realize that today, with the infamous “friday the 13th” stamp, is probably the title of most posts today.  I know I’m not being original but oh well.

This morning around a minute after midnight we were suddenly inundated with strange calls which kept us busy pretty much the rest of the night.  It was as if the connotations of the date struck everyone at once making them either shudder with fear or shiver with a sinister excitement.

Of course I have to pay homage to the date by putting in the movies that sent chills down people’s spine back in the day when horror movies were still something of an oddity.  I remember watching Friday the 13th with my younger sister and my niece at the drive-in theater in Coralville.  I was petrified as I was still realitively new to the horror genre – “Halloween” being the first movie I can remember that literally made me terrified.  I remember walking out of the movie theater…was it the Astro Movie theater, not sure but it isn’t there anymore…wondering how my older sisters could have drug me to such a horrific movie.

It is ironic isn’t it? They would think several of my stories rather ominous and creepy but  they were the ones who introduced me to the scary stuff to begin with.  LOL.  Before they took me to that slasher flick, I was happily involved in Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew stories.

Today was the last day of finals and many students in the dorms are already starting to move out.  However, I have a feeling tonight is going to be its own kind of horror show as students think about leaving for the summer and needing that last Hurrah! before they go.  We will be hopping tonight and while it has little to do with Friday the 13th, in a way that might make it worse.  How often do students have the last finals AND a Friday the 13th on the same day? Sounds like a reason to party to me.

In any case, I have a new idea for a story – it was a dream I had…ok, nightmare really.


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