90 minutes

Wow, awesome, less than 90 minutes of sleep…gonna have a great day.  How, you may ask, do I know it was less than 90 minutes exactly? Because I started the dishwasher before I went to bed – had to straighten up a few quick things and then hopped into bed expecting to get at least six hours of sleep.  The dishwasher runs for 90 minutes – I was awake before it beeped saying it was done. 

It is my fault, probably, for staying up till noon reading Alex Kava’s “Split Second” but I couldn’t put it down even though I had read it before and knew the ending.  Still, I thought I was exhausted when I went to bed – thought I’d drift off quickly and sleep soundly.  I did drift off quickly – my Nook was playing “Hotel California” and I was out before the end of the song. 

Once the dogs saw I was awake, they decided it was time for me to get up.  When I seemed reluctant to do so, they started jumping on me.  I doubted I could have fallen back to sleep anyway – I felt wired though I have no idea why.  That was three hours ago and I’m starting to wind down again so maybe I’ll be able to take a nap before work.  No, I didn’t have any caffeine.

My biggest guess is that I was freezing cold.  Apparently I’m a moron and left both windows open last night while I was at work.  I came home and the apartment was an icebox.  I turned the heat on but it is that stupid radiator heat that takes forever to warm the place.  When I wanted to change the page on my Nook, I literally had to blow on my fingers or it wouldn’t recognize it.  The new Nook touch screen is heat activated and my fingers were too cold for it to register.

So I went to bed freezing and I woke up freezing as I have no covers, only sheets.  In fact, I took the flannel sheets off to wash so didn’t even have them on for added warmth.  I was shivering so hard I woke up.  Sigh.  It has been so nice out the last couple of days I totally forgot about the windows.

If I can’t get a nap in, it is going to be a difficult night.  I believe we will be slamming busy – we were last night till 4 am or so.


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