Split Second

Started and finished this book the other day – it is the second book to “A Perfect Evil” by Alex Kava.  It finds our people taking up pretty much where they left off.

Stuckey escapes from prison and seeks to torment Maggie O’Dell by following her around and killing anyone she comes in contact with.  A waitress that she is friendly with, a clerk who helps her pick out the perfect bottle of wine, the young woman who delivers her pizza…they all fall victim to the madness that is Stuckey.

The book is very good and while I think Maggie has issues she needs to see a psychiatrist about, she manages to get the better of Mr. Stuckey in the end.  There is little mention of the priest in this one who, we all know but Maggie only suspects, was Stuckey’s killing partner in the first book.  I believe he rears his head again in the third book or so.

I highly recommend the series to anyone who likes the mystery and intrigue of a good crime drama story.  Alex does a great job, as usual, and I have no complaints.  🙂


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