Do I have to?

The dogs want to go for a nice long walk – they are sitting here staring at me trying to convey their wishes but I pretend I don’t know what they want.  I don’t feel like going for a long walk – I have other things to do before I meet my son for supper at 6:30. 

I know, I know, it isn’t fair.  I’m being a bitch about it and I should think of them rather than my own selfish notions.  But I took them on TWO long walks yesterday – a mile each time – doesn’t that count for something? Doesn’t that mean I deserve a break today? I think so…I know so.

They woke me up after I had only been to bed for four hours – they pounced on the bed and then Bennie sat by my head breathing in my face.   I finally got up and locked them out of the bedroom but didn’t really go back to sleep.  I languished in bed another two hours, dozing in and out as the noises from the world outside my bedroom window kept intruding.

As I have to work at 9pm, I will stay in town once I get in there to meet my son.  It is his only Friday night off this month so doubt he wants to spend the whole evening with his mom – he probably wants to go out for a while with his friends.  I don’t mind – if I’m bored I can always go into work early.  He probably will be fine about staying with me for two hours, then I’ll drop him off around 8:30 to get to work by 9pm.  That still gives him plenty of time to do other things.

There is a line of rainstorms headed our way – I keep hoping it will hurry up and get here so I don’t feel so guilty about not walking the dogs a mile or more.  I will take them out for a short four blocks but that is it.  They don’t like being out in the rain so it wouldn’t even be that far if it would only get here.

Think I’ll stop in Starbucks or Java House for some coffee – I’m afraid I’ve picked up this habit again but the caffeine makes me feel better so such is life.  Also makes me feel more energetic which means I have energy to walk the dogs two miles in one day…just not today.  🙂

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