Springing Spring

I would say Spring is finally springing all around us.  Flowers are blooming, trees have leaves, and the grass is a lush dark green which is a stark contrast to the ugly old brown of winter.  I am thrilled it is here and hope the frost warnings stop now because they make me want to pull my hair out.

The boys want me to take them for a walk – personally, I don’t want to but I suppose I should be nice and take them.  I’m tired and bored – it is too nice to stay indoors but I have nothing to do today but walk the dogs.  I have to go into work at 11pm tonight otherwise I would consider going to lunch and having a few margaritas – it sounds so good. 

Instead I am trying to figure out what I can possibly do that would make me feel like I wasn’t wasting the day away.  Other than needing to run to the store and walk the dogs – I can’t think of anything.

Have you ever heard a constant sound that you know isn’t there? I have been hearing cicadas in both ears for the past couple of days.  I know it isn’t real but I still hear it – it is like a cd stuck on in my head.  First I thought I might be going insane but now I think I have an inner ear infection because the pressure is starting to build, especially in my right ear.  Last time I had a bad inner ear infection I heard the ocean constantly which now seems better than the cicadas constant chirping but at the time was driving me crazy.  Guess I’ll be going to the doctor again on Monday if she can squeeze me in.  Maybe that accounts for the headache I’ve been suffering with the past two days too.

I should have thought of it earlier because I was in the shower a couple of days ago and turned my head to listen to something I thought was going on outside the bathroom.  The shower sent a hard (it was on the deep massaging setting) stream of water into my right ear and I remember (now) thinking that I hope I didn’t get an ear infection as water in my ears is almost always the cause.  Sigh

I started having this ear problem when I was in FL.  I would go swimming a lot and was fine until one day when I couldn’t get the water out of my ear.  Now I get an ear infection if I go swimming.  My doctor in FL told me to always wear ear plugs in both the water and shower.  Don’t know why it suddenly happened – it sure is irritating though.  I hope I can stand it until I go to the doctor…ohhhh…I wonder if the University’s health care outlet thing is open today…no, guess it wouldn’t be now but maybe it will be open tomorrow.  I will have to check.


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